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DEV-TEAM: NifO & Vengeance & Vasoulaki
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The server is based on l2java but retail like and is the first server released by L2 Core Team in 2023.Its a chance for the players to play the game without wipes and getting retail like updates over the years. This server offers a retail experience and a very solid and stable population, it is never late to start on this server and it is never wiped, you can play at your own rythm with the guarantee that your progress will never disappear and feel the nostalgia from the old days of this amazing game.

If you're a fan of High-Rate-Custom PvP servers, then L2 Core C6 PvP is an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy and have fun with your friends. It is an adapted version of the game that is perfect for players who don't have enough time to invest in low-rate servers or prefer a full competitive and PvP-oriented gameplay. This server is completely free of pay-to-win elements and offers a fair and enjoyable environment where you can spend time with your friends and experience endless joy.

Our emulation program provides a perfect game environment. As this is a PvE-PvP server, some changes have been made to ensure player satisfaction.